Rally for Kids with Cancer Official Rules


In order to participate in the Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup ("Rally") each driver must have a valid driver's license, insurance as specified below and possess all ownership and legal documentation for the vehicle entered. If the participant does not own the vehicle they must supply written documentation between the owner of the property and themselves showing authorization to drive and/or have possession of the property.

In order to participate, each Driver, Navigator, team member(s) and/or passenger(s) must have signed the Rally's official waiver or fully accepted and agreed to such during the online sign-up process.

Just prior to departure from the "Start Your Engines" Brunch, Drivers will be provided with a set of Route Instructions to arrive at the first Pit Stop. These instructions must be followed in order to complete the Rally. At each subsequent Pit Stop, additional instructions will be provided.

Obey the Law

Obey the maximum speed limit posted on signs along our roads and highways, but always drive at a speed that will let you stop safely. As a general rule, drive at the same speed as traffic around you without going over the speed limit.


Each vehicle entered in the Rally must be covered by an insurance policy in full force and in effect for the entire duration of the event, providing public liability, personal injury and property damage insurance in not less than the minimum amounts required by the Province of Ontario.

Vehicle Criteria

All vehicles entered into the Rally must meet event criteria and safety guidelines described below. As a minimum requirement, the following vehicle equipment shall be operable and in safe condition:

  1. Headlights (high & low beams)
  2. Taillights and stop (brake) lights
  3. Horn, windshield wiper, and directional signals
  4. Rear-view mirror
  5. Foot brake & parking brake
  6. Tires (sidewalls as well as tread)
  7. Fully functional seat belts, securely installed, for the driver, navigator and team members.

The Rally officials shall have the right to refuse entry for any vehicle that would, in their opinion, be incapable of negotiating the course safely. The committee will give the entrant immediate notification along with the option of securing a suitable vehicle.


Competitors judged by the Rally officials to be guilty of any of the following offenses shall be automatically disqualified:

  1. Driving while intoxicated.
  2. Consuming alcoholic beverages before or while participating.
  3. Dangerous or reckless driving. The Rally is NOT a race. Any moving violation citation or written warning received by a participant, or any excessive speed or unsafe driving observed by Rally officials, is grounds for total disqualification.
  4. In-motion traffic violations.
  5. Being at fault in an accident.
  6. Ungentlemanly or un-sportsman-like conduct.


Each team will be given an official score for each Pit Stop completed. No alterations of information will be tolerated, subject to disqualification. Errors will be corrected by Rally officials only.

In the Event of a Tie

After scoring has been completed, it is possible that two or more contestants could have the same score. If this should happen, the Rally officials will execute a random draw from all qualifying tied participants, selecting one individual as the winner. All decisions of the Rally officials are final.

Pit Stops

All Pit Stops for the Rally, including the Finish Line, will be indicated by signage. Pit Stops will close 30 minutes after the last car has arrived. All participants entering a Pit Stop location voluntarily assume all risks and dangers incidental to any of those locations. Each Pit Stop location has its own set of rules and code of conduct. Each participant is required to abide by each location's rules. Smoking is not permitted at any Rally location unless otherwise specified.